A Cheap small digging and loading machine

This excavator is made in shandong province, China, which is suitable for small space. It supports two-way driving, quick and convenient post-control, with lateral movement and left and right movement, greatly improving the work efficiency, with hydraulic lock in the leg, improving the safety of work, silencer, air filter built-in design, reducing the work noise.

why all-in-one shovel

The all-in-one shovel came into being because all kinds of engineering required digging and moving soil. For example, ditches need to be dug to lay pipes and underground cables, to lay foundations for buildings and to build drainage systems. Many other tools can do the same, but digging loaders can improve efficiency dramatically.

The all-in-one machines are compact compared with large single-function machines, and they can move around construction sites and even run on highways. Although some small loaders and excavator equipment may be smaller than this, the use of a single shovel can save a lot of time and money if the contractor is to carry out both excavation and loading operations.

It is a cheapest multi-function excavator loader

This machine is currently the cheapest multi-function excavator loader in the world. You can buy a forklift and an excavator for only $20,000, which is very excellent quality and reasonable price.

multi-function leader excavator made in china

Multi-function shovel dig all-in-one machine, also known as the former dig after shovel all-in-one machine, many areas according to different habits have different name for this machine, so multi-function shovel dig integrated function to complete what kind of work operation?

Multi-function excavator is compact, flexible and convenient, energy-saving and efficient, coherent and compound action, spacious cab independent operation platform, simple and easy to operate, the excavator is designed as a slide form, with the advantage of folding side digging, free sliding, equipped with auxiliary oil road, can be upgraded practical auxiliary equipment to achieve the real function of one machine multi-purpose.

In addition to the multi-function shovel digging machine can achieve different specifications of different operations in addition to the shovel digging function, if installed in different working devices, can also complete the bulldozing, lifting, loading and unloading of other materials. Greatly improve the efficiency of the use of machinery, but also for digging, shoveling, road breaking, leveling ground, digging ditches, laying pipes and other industries

After the completion of each work of the multi-function shovel digging all-in-one machine, it is necessary to check the repair of the machine. Due to the influence of the construction environment, the unused functions should be closed and folded as far as possible, so that the operation in a narrow space can be realized to the greatest extent.

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