Work scene of Farm Tractor Loader Backhoe

work scence of Multi-function excavator loader

Small Farm Tractor Loader Backhoe
work with Backhoe

The small Loader Backhoe digs up dirt at the construction site .

Farm Tractor Loader Backhoe with Hydraulic Breaker

Road construction when the installation of hydraulic crushing hammer, can be broken stone and concrete.

forklift loader backhoe
wood fork Backhoe
Small screw drill Backhoe

A drilling machine.

Spiral drilling machine used in civil and small industrial construction, drilling, using spiral drill pipe screw through the upper and lower guide bearing in piles on the guide rod, the top has driven screw drilling power head, bottom is installed with hard alloy blade bit, homework along the guide screw drill slag discharge automatically, the drilling pile wall of distributed rule, do not need or cleaning and protecting, the bottom of the hole after drilling to design depth, drill pipe is put forward, then pour concrete. In addition, there are short auger drilling machine and a double pipe, double screw and bottom reamer frozen soil drilling machine.

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