Rough terrain forklift with bucket

Brand :China KD

Rough terrain forklift with bucket

The four-wheel drive rough terrain forklift is unloading the bucket.This product can be customized. Bucket accessories can be quickly installed and uninstalled.

Rough terrain forklift with bucket

Bucket is easy to install and uninstall. After the cross-country forklift is loaded with a bucket, it can be used to shovel snow. It can be used to shovel sand, garbage, concrete, etc. Make the forklift with the function of loader.
It is a true off-road forklift with full power, large horsepower, small turning radius, the same size as two-wheel drive, and the perfect conversion between two-wheel and four-wheel drive.

KD introduces a new four-wheel drive forklift, which has novel appearance, compact body, convenient and convenient operation, high horsepower, mud floor, four-wheel drive, and can work under complex road conditions.

High – altitude work , cross – country forklift solution, It can run on muddy road , also it can go over the mountains.

KD factory specializes in the production of four-wheel drive off-road forklift, forklift brick forklift plate four-wheel drive forklift building materials four-wheel drive off-road forklift mountain forklift multi-function forklift, and other series off-road four-wheel drive forklift products.
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5t off road forklift(Mini )- equipped with grab grip accessories

mini off-road forklift with arms forks, rough terrain forklift for sale
Arms up and down the fork

Mini 5t rough terrain forklift – forward tilt – equipped with grab, grip, grab function

off-road forklift is equipped with forward tilting function and grab function, from a chinese rough terrain forklift manufacturer.
off-road forklift is equipped with forward tilting function and grab function

The off-road forklift is equipped with forward tilting function and grab function, suitable for loading and unloading trees, steel bars and so on.

Large forward tilt Angle makes it easier to unload goods.

Equipped with grippers, to ensure that cylindrical goods do not roll, do not fall off, to ensure the safety of goods and personnel.

(Holding forks)China rough terrain forklift supplyer

Suitable for loading and unloading trees, clumps of steel, strips of steel, etc.

Perfect off-road ability, and loading capacity, cheap price, is the highlight of this product.

Grasping, clamping and multi-function gripper are added to the basic configuration of off-road forklift.

The forward leaning function is the customization function.

It is made in shandong province, China.

Forklift Euipipped With Lifting Arm

After the forklift is equipped with a lifting arm, the work efficiency, range, and greatly improved, the work efficiency is greatly improved

Forklift truck crane is a kind of crane which is mounted on the basis of forklift truck and according to the user’s demand. The crane is generally a 2-10 ton crane, which is suitable for the narrow and equal space of the workshop. It is easy to use and easy to operate.

forklift for sale
forklift fork extensions
forklift fork extensions
forklift attachments
forklift attachments

crane of forklift-lifting arm

The flying arm crane of forklift truck changes the previous hoisting working mode and reduces the manufacturing cost, use cost and investment cost. Realized low, narrow space is agile action.

Forklift crane, one machine multi-purpose, add hoist when straight arm crane.