Powerful “4100” engine for four-wheel off-road forklift

Engine type: “4100”

Engine type is the identification code compiled for a batch of the same products by the engine manufacturer according to the relevant regulations, enterprise or industry conventions and the attributes of the engine. It is used to express the relevant information of the engine manufacturer, specifications, performance, characteristics, processes, uses and batches of products. Such as fuel type, number of cylinders, displacement and static braking power.

The “4” of the “4100” represents four cylinders of the engine, a four-cylinder engine, also known as a four-cylinder engine, which is a machine capable of converting one form of energy into another more useful one. Chemical energy is usually converted into mechanical energy. Sometimes the engine can be used not only in the power generating device, but also in the whole machine including the power device, such as gasoline engine and aeroengine. The main part of the motivation is the cylinder, which is the power source of the whole car.

the best off-road forklift adops “ 4100 ” egine

“100” means “ Cylinder diameter 100 MM ”, diesel engine 480, 490, 4100, 4102 and other types, this number represents the engine type, the front 4, represents the engine four cylinders, four cylinder engine, the rear 80, 90, 100, 102 these figures represent the engine single cylinder diameter. The bigger the diameter is, the bigger the engine power is. 4100 is used foroff-road forklift truck, forklift truck and medium dump truck.

a powerful cross-country forklift, made in china

Engine Form: Vertical, In-line, Intercooled and Supercharged

Maximum output power 75 kW

Maximum Torque 155-245N.m, 1500-1800r/min

It can effectively support 4-wheel off-road forklift truck, 3-5 tons of load, low power, high torque, suitable for field road conditions, for off-road forklift truck to provide maximum lift.

Small All-wheel drive cross-country forklift

Small Four-wheel drive off-road forklift(three tons, four tons, five tons),made in China.

off road forklift made in china
Small four-wheel drive cross-country forklift made in china

Cross-country forklift is a cross-country multi-purpose handling machine that can work under very harsh road conditions, such as rugged mountain roads, shallow water, sandy land, snow, muddy land, soil slopes, etc., and it is compact and can move freely in narrow space . Off-road forklifts are widely used in construction, agriculture, forestry, petroleum, pipeline, railway, mining and other industries. Special tools such as buckets,
grass forks, hoisting hook , and conventional forks can be added.

Off-road forklift installation bucket function

Off-road forklift truck with bucket function
off-road forklift with grass fork ,made in china

Hoisting function cross-country forklift

Off-road forklift adopts four-wheel drive,it increased the power of the forklift greatly ,it is a kind of safe and high efficiency construction machinery used for loading and stacking materials on muddy field,farm,mountain area and other uneven giound,it had good off-road capablilty,trafficability and maneuverabilitu.It can replace a variety of attachments to improve its operational efficiency.

Features of the four-wheel drive cross-country forklift:
1. Suitable for working in narrow roadways and low working faces.
2. Articulated frame with small turning radius and flexible maneuverability.
3. The reinforced drive axle is adopted, the wheel planetary gears are decelerated, and the working life is long.
4. Load-sensing hydraulic steering gear, light and easy to operate.
5. Gas-top oil double-line brake system, using high-quality polyurethane high-pressure hose, safe and reliable.
6. According to the ergonomically designed seat and instrument control system, the structure is reasonable, the comfort is good, and the long-term operation is not easy to fatigue.
7. Power shift gearbox, good versatility, stable and reliable.
8. Large-capacity storage battery, the power of the lighting is large, and it is more suitable for working in a dark environment.

forklift working in the field,shandong china

Technical Specification:

Rated Load(kg)3000,4000,5000
Max.unloading Height(mm)3000 to 4500
Overall mode6000
Max.Grade Ability≤35°
Drive modeAll-wheel drive
Front wheel Tires(Solid tire)880/270-20/8.50
Rear wheel Tires(Solid tire)820/180-20/6.50
Portal-frame Bottom(mm)320
Wheelbase Center Clearance(mm)280
Min.Turning Radius(mm)3700
Engine Model4100
Engine Power(kw)60
Overall dimensions(mm)3500*1850*2500

This forklift model is equipped with the 4100 engine ( YUCHAI GROUP ), which has low power and low noise. It uses a gas-top oil brake system, and the pedals are lightly braked. The use of the side-turning cab greatly facilitates the maintenance and inspection of the vehicle, shortens the maintenance time, reduces the maintenance cost, installs the 24 volt power supply for the whole vehicle, installs the electromagnetic power main switch, automatically turns the power on and off, and greatly reduces the battery. Leakage phenomenon. The drive wheel of this car has a large direct size, with 265 torque converter, low resistance, light operation, ground clearance of 260 mm, and a smaller radius. These design features are beneficial to reduce dust handling. Process pollution, the cross-country forklift is equipped with 3 gantry, lifting height of 3 meters – 4.5 meters and has excellent line of sight conditions, and is equipped with all cast iron counterweight, which increases the stability of the vehicle during driving and handling, especially It performs even better on the up and down steep slopes. It is quieter and lighter in operation than the previous equipment, and the operating comfort of the vehicle has been greatly improved. The design of the new car not only reduces the fatigue of the operator, but also improves the speed of the handling operation, ensuring that the operating environment is clean and tidy, and improving the quality and efficiency of the operation as a whole.

Price range: $10,000 – $50,000.
Place of Origin: Yantai City, Shandong Province

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