Work scene of Farm Tractor Loader Backhoe

work scence of Multi-function excavator loader

Small Farm Tractor Loader Backhoe
work with Backhoe

The small Loader Backhoe digs up dirt at the construction site .

Farm Tractor Loader Backhoe with Hydraulic Breaker

Road construction when the installation of hydraulic crushing hammer, can be broken stone and concrete.

forklift loader backhoe
wood fork Backhoe
Small screw drill Backhoe

A drilling machine.

Spiral drilling machine used in civil and small industrial construction, drilling, using spiral drill pipe screw through the upper and lower guide bearing in piles on the guide rod, the top has driven screw drilling power head, bottom is installed with hard alloy blade bit, homework along the guide screw drill slag discharge automatically, the drilling pile wall of distributed rule, do not need or cleaning and protecting, the bottom of the hole after drilling to design depth, drill pipe is put forward, then pour concrete. In addition, there are short auger drilling machine and a double pipe, double screw and bottom reamer frozen soil drilling machine.

Mini Excavator Loader-Multifunctional Loader and Excavator

Loader-excavator-integrated machine. Patented technology, excellent performance and value for money, beautiful appearance, high configuration, superior performance, low fuel consumption, a wide range of operations, set loader and excavator functions in one, greater practicability, value for money.

Excavator Loader-Multifunctional Loader

Loader-excavator-integrated machine made in china
Loader-excavator-integrated machine

Loader-excavator-integrated machine with good price
Excavator - loader

Multifunctional Excavator Multifunctional loader

Excavator loader is a single device consisting of two engineering equipments. During construction, the operator only needs to rotate the seat to change the working end. The main work of excavator loader is to excavate ditches to arrange pipelines and underground cables, lay foundation for buildings and establish drainage system. It can be used to dig hard, dense soil or lift heavy objects. The excavator can lift the material and stack it on the side of the opening. At the same time, it has compact structure and can move freely in narrow space.

Product characteristics:

The front-loading and back-digging machine has excellent performance, beautiful appearance and high weight. The cab has 360 degree field of vision and no dead angle two-way operation platform. It is flexible to master the conversion operation of the digging bucket and the bucket. The hydraulic system operated by the digging machine adopts advanced hydraulic fittings. The linking part of excavator is disc-mounted and rotates at 270 angle at will, so the operation is wider.

(1) Integral hydraulic distance converter, not suitable for high temperature, easy maintenance

(2) Forward tilt front frame, long unloading distance, heavy lifting weight

(3) Great rising power, automatic leveling of high-level unloading, shortening operation time of working device, and improving operation efficiency of the whole machine

(4) Split fixed-axle transmission torque converter, more convenient for maintenance and more obvious heat dissipation

(5) 5 meters of super-high unloading, 2.2 meters wide hopper shovel more efficient, shorter working time of the working device

(6) The cab has a small resonance, strong durability and good air permeability when the window of the push-pull car is thicker than that of the hood.

(7) High-power engine, green energy-saving and more environmental protection

(8) Multi-purpose one machine, can switch a variety of fittings

detail of the engineering equipment
detail of the engineering equipment which made in china
details of the engineering equipment with best price

performance parameter:

Bucket Capacity(m cubed)1.0
Bucket Capacity(m cubed)0.1
Swing Speed(RMP)0-12
Digging Force(KN)13.3
Engine ModelYN27
Machine size
Dimension Length*Width*Heiht6000*1855*2750
Sproket to ldler2200
Wheel Guage1750
Minimum ground dearance250
Working range
Max.Digging Height4000
Max.Digging Depth2000
Max.Digging Radius3700
Max.Dumping Height3200
Steering Angle40°

Work scenario of the Multifunctional Excavator :

  1. Excavation of soil
  2. Crushing cement, stone and concrete
  3. Clean up snow roads
  4. Loading soil and sand

Work scenario of the Excavator – loader

Accessories of the Multifunctional loader :

Digging buckets, grippers, hammers, snow brushes, etc.

optional accessories of the Excavator – loader

Place of Origin: Yantai City, Shandong Province ,China

Price range: $15,000 to $35,000

Miniature multi-function- excavator – good price, indoor work

The small excavator has the advantages of light structure, flexible operation and strong power. The agricultural crawler excavator is located in an economical, practical and multi-functional machine.

It has three advantages: mature industry, easy maintenance, easy replacement, easy procurement, repairable, low use cost, low maintenance cost and low maintenance cost. It uses multi-cylinder high-powered diesel engine for power output, and gives full play to excavation speed and strength.

Mini excavator
small excavaror with good price
a multi-function excavator

The main parts of the whole machine structure are reinforced, the chassis part is lengthened, the excavation is not warped, and the stability is improved a lot. High displacement engine, high efficiency, high torque.

This mini excavator uses Changzhou popular science diesel engine (11.6kw), strong power, smooth operation, small vibration, long service life!

mini excavator engine

This mini excavator uses multi-way valves in northern Liaoning Province. It is sensitive, flexible, stable and durable!

multi-way valves
multi-way valves

This mini excavator has powerful walking device, reliable quality and more stable driving.

This mini excavator operates the control rod. It is easy to operate. It operates separately with arms and walking.

This small excavator has excellent work efficiency and cost-effective, simple operation, compact and flexible, convenient transportation, can work in narrow sites, especially suitable for orchards such as kiwifruit, vineyard, orange, navel orange planting, ditching, fertilization, weeding, with digging, crushing, ditching, drilling and other functions, can quickly replace accessories, greatly improve the utilization rate of the machine; Arm Side-shifting Device: The front part of the body is equipped with the arm side-shifting device, thus realizing the direct excavation work similar to the wall root zone, without frequent movement of the fuselage, which is more suitable for small and narrow field operations, adjustable bulldozer, optional crusher and pipeline, which can achieve smooth, fast and powerful operation, the more durable maintenance and safety performance.

walking device
the control rod
Mini excavators work in orchards
Mini excavators work in orchards

This multi-functional small excavator is equipped with abundant, flexible operation, moderate size, and belongs to the equipment including hammer, bucket, grab wood, rotary drill and so on. No modification and installation is required.

Characteristics of Tracked Mini Hydraulic Excavator

  1. Excellent efficiency and cost performance;
  2. Standard bulldozers can smooth the site, backfill the earth and increase the stability of the whole machine.
  3. It is easy to operate, compact and flexible, and easy to transport. It can work in narrow fields, especially in orchards such as kiwifruit, vineyard, orange, navel orange seed value, digging ditches, fertilizing and weeding.
  4. It has the functions of digging, crushing, hook clearing, drilling and bulldozing, and can quickly replace accessories, thus greatly improving the utilization rate of the machine.
  5. Arm Side-shifting Device: The front part of the body is equipped with the arm side-shifting device. The arm can swing 90 degrees to the left and 50 degrees to the right, thus realizing the direct excavation work similar to the wall root zone without frequent movement of the fuselage. It is more suitable for working in narrow space.

6 fuselage can rotate 360 degrees

The total weight of this small excavator is only 1000kg, the engine power is 11.6kw, the bucket capacity is 0.07-0.04m3, the walking speed is 2Km/h, the platform rotation speed is 10rpm, and the small excavator is of great use. In addition, the excavator of Henglu Construction Machinery can be equipped with eight kinds of auxiliary tools according to different working conditions. After equipped with crushing hammer, Henglu Construction Machinery can replace “generator + air compressor + wind gun hammer” for the crushing operation of cement ground in municipal engineering. Such a machine has excellent performance and compact and flexible.

small excavator Work scenario
Work scenario
Purpose:General ExcavatorA scraper bucket:Backhoe excavator
Size:Medium-sizedWays of walking:Crawler excavators
Maximum excavation depth:1580 mmPlatform rotation speed:10rpm
Whole machine width:960 mmWalking speed:2Km/h
Whole machine weight:1000kgBucket volume:0.07-0.04m3
Total height:2000 mmTotal Length:3400 mm
Maximum unloading height:2010 mmMotivation rate:11.6kw

Price range: $2,000 to $12,000